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Anti-Gay Iowa Republicans Will Try To Impeach Supreme Court Justices


But the incoming House speaker, Rep. Kraig Paulsen (R), told a radio station there that if impeachment is what the people want, impeachment is what the people will get.

Paulsen did tell the Des Moines Register, however, that he's not sure that's what the people want.

"I do not think one of the takeaways from the election is that Iowans, because they chose to fire three people, sent a message to the Iowa House that they want us to go in and fire the remaining four," he said.

This fall, a conservative coalition funded by the country's biggest anti-gay groups spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads and a bus tour to convince Iowans to vote against keeping the three Supreme Court justices who were up for retention. They were successful.

In Iowa, judges go up for retention every term. If voters vote "no," the judges leave office and new judges are appointed.

The fight over the state's supreme court is likely to continue being an issue through 2012. Bob Vander Plaats, who led the anti-retention campaign, has started a new Iowa-based group called The Family Leader, which aims to bring same sex marriage back to the national conversation. Likely presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has already spoken at a fundraiser for the new group.