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Alvin Greene Indicted On Obscenity Charges


Greene has not yet entered a plea.

As former TPMmuckraker reporter Justin Elliott reported in June, a felony obscenity charge is extremely rare.

The student, Camille McCoy, told Fox News that Greene sat next to her in a University of South Carolina computer lab and brought up porn on his screen, of "woman-on-man porn, pretty much sex I guess." He then suggested they go to her dorm room. She called her mother, and then the police.

The charges had been pending since; a grand jury handed down the indictment on Wednesday, according to court documents.

Greene surprised the political world when he won the Democratic nomination to challenge Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) despite having no political experience and doing no campaigning. Despite allegations that he was a plant, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Department found that Greene paid the $10,400 filing fee himself.