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Ailes Newspaper Cancels Fox News Book Author's Subscription


Because of the book, "we don't desire to have a relationship with you," Editor Doug Cunningham told Sherman when he called to ask about the canceled subscription. Roger Ailes purchased the paper and transferred ownership to Elizabeth Ailes, who is also the paper's publisher.

Sherman's book must be quite a read. The New York Daily News reported in April that Ailes was helping conservative writer Zev Chafets fast-track a book about Fox News, apparently to "scoop" Sherman's effort, which is due out in 2013.

Sherman declined to comment, saying his "reporting speaks for itself." He wrote on Twitter that the newspaper didn't charge his credit card. When Sherman's wife tried to subscribe, her order was also canceled. Gawker's John Cook, another thorn in Ailes' side, also posted on Twitter that the paper promptly canceled his subscription.

Cunningham confirmed to TPM that the paper canceled the subscription, but declined to comment further.

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