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Accused Oakland, CA Shooter: Glenn Beck 'Blew My Mind'


In the audio, Williams says that he looks at Beck "more like a schoolteacher" than a newscaster, and that he began watching Fox News just to see Beck:

And it was the things that he did, it was the things he exposed that blew my mind. Beck would never say anything about a conspiracy, would never advocate violence, he'll never do anything like, of this nature, but he'll give you every ounce of evidence that you could possibly need.

Williams also describes President Obama and George Soros as "one person." Soros "is completely socialist," he says. "So is Obama."

He adds: "So now they've got Beck labeled as this guy that is trying to incite violence. And what I say is that if the truth incites violence, it means that we've been living too long in the lies."

Here's the audio:

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