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Sen. Cochran: 'Dangerous' For 'Extremist' McDaniel To Be Elected

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"He's an extremist," Cochran said during a stop at the USM nursing school in Hattiesburg, MS on Tuesday, according to Mississippi's WDAM. "It'd be dangerous to have somebody like him elected."

With the runoff near the end of the month, Cochran, a top appropriator in Congress, said it was important to stress what McDaniel would not do if elected.

"We have a lot of federal initiatives, and if he's going to cut the budgets, we're going to be the state the suffers the most," Cochran said. "To me, that's unthinkable."

Two recent polls (one from the Democratic Chism Strategies and one from the Republican-leaning National Strategic) have both shown McDaniel with a slight lead over Cochran in the runoff.

The runoff is on June 24.