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Florida Democrats Claim Gov. Scott Campaign Broke Campaign Finance Law

AP Photo / J Pat Carter

"They have violated the law and the governor is supposed to uphold the law," Tant told the AP.

If the Florida Elections Commission confirms Tant's complaint, the Scott campaign could have to pay a fine of up to $82 million, according to the AP.

Let's Get To Work was established as an electioneering committee, which can accept unlimited donations but can only run certain types of political ads.

The committee filed on March 6 to disband Let's Get To Work as an electioneering committee and created a new political committee under the same name. The old committee transferred the $27.4 million it had left in its account to the new organization, according to the AP.

John French, the chairman of Let's Get To Work, said that this transfer was legal because the old committee was dissolved.

Chair of the Florida Republican Party Lenny Curry on Tuesday defended the Scott campaign's account transfer.

"Let's Get to Work is confident that they have done everything according to the standards of Florida election law," Curry said in a statement.