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Priebus: Paul Ryan's 'Inarticulate' Race Remarks Didn't Hurt The Party

AP Photo / Ben Margot

Priebus made the comments at a Christian Science Monitor Breakfast on Tuesday. Priebus' defense came after Ryan, during a radio interview, said there is a culture of laziness in the inner city today, citing the work of conservatives political scientist Charles Murray.

"As far as whether it hurt our efforts, 'no' I think that Paul admitted that he was inarticulate," Priebus said. But, Priebus said, Ryan meant well. "He made a couple of comments that were inarticulate but the fact is he made those comments because he's devoted his life to this issue which I think is commendable."

"I think it really just illustrates the fact that we have party leaders that are venturing into areas that we should venture into which is the war on poverty," Priebus added.

Ryan's comment sparked strong criticism and Ryan later said he had been inarticulate.