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Klingon-Speaking Candidate Could Complicate NC Senate Race

AP Photo / Rich Pedroncelli

Waddell (no known relation to the Klingon walking around in the California state capital above) resigned from his town council seat with a note written in Klingon earlier this year. He sounds like he hopes to add a little levity to the race.

"I realize that that may be a turnoff to some people," Waddell said. "But I think there are many who can understand that there is a place in politics for humor."

The other two approved write-in candidates are a replacement-glass company owner and a former state legislator with a nasty history with Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis, the current state House speaker, the Observer reported.

Former state Rep. John Rhodes lost his seat in the state House in 2006 when Tillis beat him in a 2006 Republican primary, according to the Observer. He has already been a thorn in Tillis's side this year, accusing him of violating state ethics rules, the Charlotte Observer reported in March.

According to TPM's PollTracker average, Tillis currently trails Sen. Kay Hagan (D) by 1.1 percentage points.