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McDaniel: McConnell Sold His Soul For Power, Money

AP Photo / Stephen Lance Dennee

"What we’re seeing are people like McConnell and people like Cochran and others that will sell their very souls for a little extra power or a little extra money," McDaniel responded, referring to the Mississippi Senate primary race, which McDaniel claims Cochran only won with votes from Democrats and African-Americans.

"That’s something we simply cannot allow to happen. If conservatives let this go, we’re going to lose this country," he continued. “We have to defend our principles again and be real men and women again. And we can’t let these others control the field of battle. They’ve controlled it too long. These career politicians are killing this country."

After slamming McConnell on Tuesday, McDaniel then asked the Minority Leader to condemn "race-baiting" attack ads against him in the Mississippi race. McDaniel compared the ads to racially charged tweets from a Democratic operative directed at McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao.

"The statement made by the Alison Grimes supporter is absolutely an offensive statement, and that type of behavior has no place in politics, period," McDaniel said in a Wednesday statement. "Just as Senator McConnell was right to condemn such behavior in Kentucky, he should also condemn the race-baiting, incendiary language employed against Republicans and conservatives in Mississippi."