Man At Michigan Movie Theater Had Body Armor, Gun, Fake CIA Badge

A man was arrested at a Michigan movie theater Tuesday night after he was found wearing body armor, carrying a gun and flashing a phony CIA badge, the Associated Press reported.

Police said they arrested Cassidy Delavergne after being called to the the Grand Blanc Township cinema when somebody spotted the vest and gun.

When police approached, Delavergne flashed a fake CIA badge, telling the officers he was a federal agent, CBS Detroit affiliate WWJ reported.

Investigators said they found he was carrying a 9mm pistol and 34 rounds of ammunition. Federal investigators later found an additional 111 rounds of ammunition in his car, according to authorities.

The FBI said he claimed to have a concealed weapons permit. Delavergne was charged Wednesday with posessing a phony CIA badge, but he wasn’t charged with any crimes related to the guns or ammunition, according to the AP.

Federal authorities have declined to say why Delavergne might have been at the movie theater, WWJ reported. He remained in custody, according to AP.

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