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Maine GOPer: Maybe Poor People Will Work More If We Reject Obamacare


“Maybe it will incentivize some folks” to work more so they can make more money, Sanderson told the newspaper. She also criticized Medicaid expansion for turning people away from the private insurance market.

“You’re taking personal choice away from people who may choose to not be on the (Medicaid) rolls,” Sanderson said. “That’s lousy.”

If Maine doesn't implement the Medicaid expansion, low-income Mainers will need to make more money to benefit from Obamacare. As TPM has reported, people below the poverty line don't qualify for tax subsidies to purchase private insurance through -- so if their state doesn't expand Medicaid, they're unlikely to get coverage through the law.

More than 24,000 low-income Maine residents are estimated to fall in that Medicaid expansion gap.

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