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Liz Cheney Attacks NRSC As 'Washington Establishment'

AP Photo / M. Spencer Green

"Just recently a shadowy, out-of-state Super PAC launched a dishonest smear campaign to distort my record. And the National Republican Senatorial Committee partnered with my opponent to raise money to try and stop us," Cheney wrote in the fundraising email. 

The NRSC supports incumbent senators but Cheney's email is notable given that she seems to be angling herself with tea party and ultra-conservative Republicans who have argued Republican "establishment" groups and figures like the NRSC and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are actually fairly liberal.  

"This is the same Washington Establishment that endorsed Democrat Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio," Cheney continued. "Liberal Republican Senators like John McCain and Olympia Snowe have endorsed my opponent. We must be doing something right if these folks are fighting so hard to preserve the status quo. " 

Cheney added that the GOP establishment is focused on protecting incumbents.  

"These attacks are just the beginning. The Washington Establishment is doing all it can to try to stop us. Even with the mess in Washington today, the Establishment is fighting hard to protect incumbents," Cheney said. "You and I know that protecting incumbents won't protect our freedom. "