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Ex-Gov. Edwards: I Would Have Voted For Obama If I Hadn't Been Convicted


Ten years earlier Edwards was convicted of extorting roughly $3 million from companies seeking casino licenses.

In the interview with Todd the former governor maintained his innocence and said he was really jailed because of his former friends. Todd asked him if he acknowledged any wrongdoing.

Edwards, who's running for Congress in the district currently held by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), also had some harsh words for Obamacare.

"I would not have voted for it had I not been in Congress because it was too long, too technical, too involved, and it was subject to pitfalls which we now know was just bad for the country," Edwards added.

"Well of course I've done wrong things in my life, I've made mistakes. But I'll tell you I did not do what I was charged with and convicted of." Edwards said.

Correction: This post originally implied that Edwards's claim that he was unable to vote was untrue. Edwards was released from prison but he was still unable to vote in 2012 because he was on parole. We regret the error.