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CNN Interrupts 'Reliable Sources' To Break News On Unknown Objects That May Be Trash


CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield reported on four objects she called "the most promising lead so far," according to the Huffington Post. But she then proceeded to discuss with correspondent Will Ripley that the major discovery was likely trash.

"When you actually get down to the ocean and you recover the items, it might turn out to be a different story," Ripley said. "That seems to be the case that we are now learning."

Before returning to its regular programming, CNN said that it could not "confirm the origin of these objects," explaining that it was hard to determine what was simply "sea trash."

CNN reported that the objects were orange on color, which would match the color of the missing plane, but could not confirm the origin of the objects.

Before his program was interrupted, "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter was discussing how CNN's coverage of missing flight MH370 has been great for the network's ratings.