Will Jihad for Cash and Weed?


Girlfriends of two of the ‘Newburgh Four’ have come forward now — in articles in the Daily News and New York Post. And while, as you’d expect, they’re putting their men in the best light, suggesting they were tricked into the plot, it does seem clear that cash gifts, free rent and bags and bags and bags of weed may have been a stronger enticement for these goofballs than Islam.

David Williams is the one of the four who’d recently moved to Newburgh to help his mom care for his brother, who reportedly has terminal cancer. His mom says that “Maqsood”, the name the informant was using, promised to pay for the brother’s hospital bills.

These are all, of course, claims from highly interested sources. So we’ll have to watch closely what gets borne out in court proceedings. But it bears watching.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.