Unforgettable (But Already Sold!)


At first we thought this spread in Architectural Digest was about the ranch/estate in Sedona with the multiple homes. But it’s actually the home in Phoenix, which I think isn’t even the primary home. That’s the condo in Phoenix, which you can see here.

Late Picture Update: We thought these pictures were from the Sedona estate, but they’re from the Phoenix mansion ….

Hard to Keep Track Update: It now seems like the McCains stopped living in the Phoenix mansion in 2006 when they sold it. The place is now back on the market for more than $12 million and Inside Edition has this look at the place …

Late Memory Hole Update: The McCain campaign actually had Youtube videos up on their site of a Fox News Greta van Susteren report on the McCain Manses. But they appear now to have removed them from Youtube.