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The Terror of H-A-L-A-K-H-A-H

Actually, there's one detail I didn't mention. The law here isn't Sharia; it's Halakhah, Jewish religious law. And all the above are true if you change 'Muslim' to 'Jewish' and 'Arabic' to 'Hebrew'. (Actually, Yiddish written in the Hebrew script, to be specific.)

I don't pretend that this is a perfect apples to apples comparison. The population of Jews in the US will almost certainly continue to decline in relative terms whereas the population of Muslims in the US seems certain to rise. And the fullbore extremist version of Sharia practiced in Saudi Arabia (though virtually nowhere else in the Islamic world) is ... well, pretty screwed up and a lot more threatening than not being able to shave your sideburns or eat pork. And let's be frank, even though it's true that only a minuscule fraction of American Muslims have any sympathy with terrorist attacks in US, there doesn't seem to be any record of any American Jews planning any local terrorist attacks (though the JDL did some in the 1970s.)

All true. And yet I think it's a pretty good example of that fact that the kinds of things (with Muslims) that are supposed to make us run around with our hair on fire, are already happening and have been for decades with Jews and no one seems to care because, frankly, why should they?

All of which seems to me to be a very good reason why we should keep an extremely vigilant eye out for anyone who's a potential terrorist and stop wasting time rousting people in their mosques or flipping out because of the Pakistani guy on the corner running a Halal food stand.

And, oh yeah, here's the actual story on our investigation into the myth of the Sharia Law takeover of the USA.

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