Sweets and Candies


Former Iranian President Khatami has attacked President Ahmadinejad for falsifying government economic statistics and hiding the depth of the country’s economic plight.

From the Guardian, “Mr Khatami’s comments represent his first explicit criticism of his successor and follow predictions that he might run in the 2009 presidential election. Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a former aide to Mr Khatami, said the remarks were intended to prepare for a reformist revival at the March parliamentary elections.”

Presumably, if the US launches a war against Iran between now and 2009 this should increase the chances of Khatami’s unseating Ahmadinejad at the next election, yes?

(ed.note: Earth to bleary early morning readers. Yes, this last sentence was meant sarcastically. Tooth fairy still not real. Colbert not really running for prez … etc.)