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Robbie, Can You Hear Me?

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There was no response from the mayor. Clearly he had not heard me or seen the beautiful, solid gold paint Golden Duke trophy. I decided to wait for him to depart his office and head to the meeting to try again.

Here's the video of the first attempt:

After more than half an hour, Mayor Ford emerged from his inner sanctum. His security team had him wait in the glass-walled anteroom. Sensing our time together would be short, I shouted out to him.

"Mayor Ford look at this! It's priceless art for you!" I said. "Hi
Mayor Ford! I came a long way to give you this award!"

As Mayor Ford walked back onto the elevator, I waved the Duke at him. A uniformed member of his security team put a stop to this by wrapping my extended hand in some type of karate arm lock.

Here's the second attempt:

Once the mayor was gone, his fauxhawked press secretary Amin Massoudi came up to me and informed me the mayor doesn't accept "deliveries" at his office. Massoudi told me to leave the Golden Duke trophy in the City Hall mailroom. He was unwilling to accept it on the mayor's behalf.

After hundreds of miles of travel and a day spent desperately searching for the mayor at all of his favorite haunts, I am loath to leave the precious Golden Duke award with anyone other than its rightful owner. For now, I have returned to TPM's temporary Toronto bureau in a hotel across from City Hall to file this report and plan the next move.

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