Real Lives Pt. 3


TPM Reader SC on awaiting the new premiums …

I’m sure you’ll start seeing this more often soon, but…

I’ve been employed full time by the same national company for 12 years, a decent sized firm with 11,000 full time employees. I’ve been single the entire time, and my insurance premiums have gone up anywhere from 5-15% a year throughout my career. I got a look at this years options today, and with all the scare mongering over the ACA I was a bit nervous.

My premium, for a plan fairly equivalent to “gold” level on the exchanges is increasing by $1.59 per month. The “bronze” level option is actually decreasing by $.02 per month. The plans themselves are from the same carrier as the past 3 years, and the terms have been identical since we switched.

One instance, but if this happens elsewhere, repeal or else starts looking even crazier.


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