Obama Uber Alles Macht Frei


Wow, first video from the Chicago tea bagging event suggests the folks didn’t get the cheat sheet from Freedom Works. The first guy interviewed on CNN just said Obama was a fascist and now seems to be saying that they’re standing up for the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, who you may recall put in place what was arguably the largest increase in federal power and spending in all of American history.

Late Update: TPM Reader JEM checks in on the Chicago event …

I work at the Federal Building in Chicago, right across the street from the tea bagging extravaganza going on as I type this.  I walked outside to take in the scene and there were some incredible signs, ranging from “I am Jon Galt” to signs misquoting the 10th Amendment, to one being held up by a small child asking that her Daddy be allowed to keep his money.  It’s just a mess–it doesn’t surprise me at all that the first person interviewed by CNN said Obama was a fascist…literally half of all the signs had some mention of Obama and spending or fascism or socialism or some other country-being-destroyed theme.  What disturbed me the most were the number of small kids.  I counted at least a few dozen, accompanied by their parents, holding up signs.


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