Not So Fast


Andrew Ross Sorkin reports today that Goldman Sachs is going to pay all its TARP money quickly. The idea being that they’re tired of federal interference and oversight. And paying it off will mean they’re back on their own. But of course Goldman Sachs got substantially more money, roughly $13 billion from the AIG bailout, and there are numerous others programs, including but not limited to, loan guarantees that Goldman has used to stay afloat over the last six months. So the idea that simply paying back the TARP money means they’re back on their own is really a crock.

We’ll be bringing you more on this shortly. But over recent days I’ve seen several good write-ups detailing the lengthy list of federal aid Goldman has received. If you can think of good write-ups like that, please send them in asap and we’ll add them to the mix.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of