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TPM Reader JH from Illinois on Rudy …

I have a friend at work who is a self-proclaimed “moderate”. My friend is an avid pro-lifer, but has thrown that aside to support Rudy because he has completely bought into the “9/11 hero” persona that the Giuliani campaign is fostering. Nothing I throw at the guy will deter him: Rudy’s pre-9/11 lapses; employing a child molester; supporting war in Iran and torture, etc. — NOTHING. For him, anti-terrorism and America’s security trumps everything else. And, I think, a lot of other conservative Americans probably feel the same way.

I, however, feel that Rudy’s success is due in large part to Hillary’s success. I think that a lot of GOP’ers are grudgingly coming to the reality that a Giuliani candidacy would stand the best shot of defeating Hillary Clinton. The anti-Hillary vibe is SO strong in America’s conservative core, that I think they would be willing to look the other way on Giuliani’s “liberal” social views, just for a real shot at defeating Clinton.

Could be wrong, but that’s the way I see it. 😉