Like Kryptonite


Penn’s ridiculousness stymies TPM Reader RM

“Worse still, Mr. Penn sees the “impressionable elites” growing in number …”

I’ve spent some serious time over the past 24 hours trying to come up with some snarky, clever comment to illustrate the intellectual depravity of the concept of “impressionable elites growing in number.” And I just can’t do it.

I honestly am undecided in the Dem primary race, and I’d be happy to vote for either candidate in the general, but that is straight-up Republicanism. Elitists everywhere! They’re all elitists! The millions of people voting for Obama? Millions of elitists!

It’s reminiscent of the Onion snark headline “75% of Americans now anti-American.”

As I pointed out to RM we may soon reach a point where the entire population or even a decisive majority of the population is made up of the impressionable elites.