Karl Rove Suspended on Twitter?


I just got a note from TPM Reader DC who says Karl Rove got his account on Twitter (twitter.com/karlrove) suspended. And sure enough it’s true. Click here to see.

At first I thought, wait, this must have been a phony Rove Twitter account that finally got shut down because they found out it was by an impostor. But I checked our own GOP Twitter Room and that’s the account we had for him too. And if that’s not enough, I checked Rove’s official site. And that’s the one he lists there. You can click right through and be taken to the suspended account page. So I think it’s got to be legit.

What was the cause? Toxic bamboozlement? Clinical shame deficit after giving us the Bush presidency? Truth be told, I have to assume this means his account got hacked or something. But, who knows? And fun headline nonetheless.

I’ll be curious to find out what happened here.

Late Update: And it’s back. With no apparent explanation. But it’s back. Seems to have been down for an hour or so. Or at least that’s the length of time since we’d heard about it.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.