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Harry Reid Smacks Down "Schoolyard Bully" Ted Cruz, Budget Edition (VIDEO)

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Early in the day Harry Reid tried, once again, to pursue "regular order" and appoint Senate negotiators to iron out major budget differences with reluctant House Republicans in a conference committee. That request went unaddressed for hours, until near close of business when Ted Cruz showed up to register an official objection. More precisely he said he'd be fine with going to conference, so long as Dems agreed in advance to make it make it effectively impossible to use the budget process to increase either taxes or the debt limit.

Like saying 'surrender now, then we'll be happy to fight.'

Reid of course laughed the idea off as "ridiculous." He actually called Cruz a bully.

But more on that later.

The best part actually came at the end of the exchange when a visibly annoyed Cruz tried to stick up for himself, in contravention of the rules of Senate debate, and Reid shut him down.


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