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Great National Tragedy is ... The Escrow Account?


Demonizing particular individuals can go way too far. And we're going to see a lot of it, just as we have in other calamities where the political breakdowns are different. But this almost literal groveling or knee-defense of BP executives is exactly what Democrats will want to show on a national level that Republicans are on the wrong side of this issue. And I suspect it will have a real effect, if only in strengthening a number of embattled incumbents.

Yesterday, Michelle Bachmann came out of the gates calling the escrow account plan an outrageous "redistribution of wealth." But even she backtracked a bit. And I expect you'll eventually see something similar from the House Republican Study Committee, after they released this statement yesterday.

Bachmann of course is pretty much written off as a nut. But I bet there are a number of GOP strategists wishing the rest of these folks would should shut up.

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