Get Me the Information!


More than a touch intrigued by the Iraq ‘evidence’/torture nexus. From TPM Reader RW

Several interesting things just connected in my mind. Saw Jon Stewart show a clip of Cheney saying that Bush “basically approved” of the interrogation program. His answer was as woozy as it gets. Then on the replay of Hardball, watched Lawrence O’Donnell answer Chris Matthew’s musings on a Cheney prosection by suggesting it would be for “usurping” Bush on the issue.

Really, where the torture scandal could break open is the exact nexus of who actually authorized the program and Cheney’s frantic efforts to get information linking Saddam Hussein to the Iraq war. Wherever Iraq touches the torture question is going to be the flashpoint–it undercuts the “ticking time bomb” rationale for the program. Its also where politicals are going to have their deepest interactions with the program. That’s where people need to look. Somebody needs to superimpose the timeline of the Iraq run-up over what we know about the timeline of the torture program. Anywhere Cheney, Iraq and torture meet is going to be radioactive.


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