Figure Me This


The Democrats stripped funding out of the defense appropriations bill for the winding down and dismantlement of the Gitmo detention facility. And the background issue is the refusal to bring accused terrorists or possibly at some point convicted terrorists into the US for incarceration. And I’m hearing this senator or that one from this or that state, saying hey, don’t bring any of these terrorists to Maine! or maybe, don’t bring them to Arkansas or Kentucky or wherever.

But, c’mon, I’m assuming these guys aren’t going to be deposited at the county jail in Baltimore or Baton Rouge. We’ve got an incredibly secure and incredibly hellish Super Max facility in Florence, Colorado. And it seems clear that that’s where these guys would end up. (That’s where Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, now resides, along with a bunch of other high-profile terrorists.) So can’t we at least stop fools from Texas and Idaho from pretending these guys are coming to their state?


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of