Enough Free Passes, Says EM


TPM Reader EM

Enough. John McCain should not get a free pass on this one. On a cynical level, can you imagine if this had been said by either Obama, Biden–or for that matter, Palin?

I’m astonished by the amount of rationalizing and excuses being put out there on this “gaffe.” Yeah, I suppose the possibility of being confused by the line of questioning, the accent is plausible for you and me but for the potential POTUS–I don’t think so. Furthermore, Spain was attacked by the same terrorist group that orchestrated 9/11. Does pulling the troops out of Iraq trump that? Honestly? Our relationship with this European ally is that precarious.

Scheunemann ratcheted up the bravado. I say we call them on it. He and his campaign have reminded us time and time again of his foreign expertise compared to Obama’s. McCain needs to explain.