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Did McConnell Mess Up?

AP Photo / Harry Hamburg

Accusing "the political left" of bugging his HQ and asking the FBI to investigate just raises the stakes. Ashley Judd is not a politician even if she came close to becoming one. Regardless of KY's being a pretty red state, if this becomes a media battle between a very unpopular senator and an actress he was prepared to savage, I just don't see the Senator coming out on top. Making provocative statements that keep the issue in the headlines just doesn't make a lot of sense. Again, it would be one thing if Judd were running. Then she's a politician. But she's not and that makes a huge difference. She's just an actress Mitch McConnell was prepared to savage.

And that's all assuming that he WAS bugged. If it turns out to be a tape made by someone in his own office operating on their own accord, then it becomes even worse for McConnell.

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