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A Piece of the Puzzle

AP Photo / Richard Drew

More specifically, as the traffic jams were continuing, Sokolich wrote a letter to Baroni (the Christie appointee at the Port Authority) complaining about the closures and noting that Port Authority police were saying this.

Now, the Port Authority police are an entirely separate police organization. There's no way individual police officers are in on the game. And that's not something they'd come up with on our own. If that was widespread, it must have been that that's the word they were getting from superiors - that this seemingly crazy idea of closing off the traffic choke points for the city was the Mayor's idea.

And that's where the payback logic comes into more focus. If there's some massive traffic congestion tied to the GW Bridge, I don't think your natural reaction is going to be to blame the Mayor. But if the local Port Authority officials are saying the crazy idea came from the mayor, well, then you'd be pretty pissed.

Does anyone know where this document is located in the 900 pages?

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