A Rudy by Any Other Name


TPM Reader AMS driven to literary heights …

Something worth noting about the Giuliani campaign:

As we’ve seen Rudy hemorrhage support and lose increasingly embarrassing primary after primary, the 9/11 focused rhetoric of his campaign has sunk far below the line of self-parody into some kind of bizarro world—but most importantly, the degree of absurdity has increased with each subsequent loss.

We’ve still got Nevada and South Carolina to go before super Tuesday, both of which Rudy is absolutely sure to lose. That means that even if he somehow pulls out a victory in Florida, we are guaranteed at least another 10 days of increasingly hilarious self-deifying 9/11 exploitation. His ad today said that when “the world wavered” and “history hesitated, [Rudy] never did.” It’s hard to imagine how that rhetoric could be escalated any further, but finding solutions to those seemingly intractable problems is the hallmark of a man ready to be President.

The merging of self-immolation and self-aggrandizement here may be approaching the sublime.