A sampling from the


A sampling from the mailbag …

From: [suppressed]
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 14:54:04 EDT
Subject: destroying dean
To: talk@talkingpointsmemo.com
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If you have time, wander over to Billmon and see what’s being said about your attempts to torpedo Dean. I think it’s sickening that you are determined to stamp out an exciting and potentially successful grass roots effort to choose our nominee. A lot of us are tired of the arrogance of the DNC, DLC and Josh Marshalls who are convinced that they know what is best for us. (Your track record isn’t that impressive!) If you succeed in using dirty tricks to topple Dean, I will not be voting in 04, and I know a lot of other Democrats who will join me in sitting it out. Watch the hubris, it could be your undoing! Susan P.

My own feeling is that the only real Democrats are those who will support the party’s eventual nominee, end of story. There is an awfully distressing tendency among a minority of Dean supporters to serve up no end of lacerating comments about other candidates and then to react with a sort of stunned and outraged shock when anyone criticizes their guy. It’s the flip side of seeing the race in such heroic, if not messianic dimensions.

The primary is actually not concluded yet. And, pace John Calvin, I assume the outcome is not predetermined. So it is still permitted to criticize Mr. Dean and not be an enemy of democracy.