Yet more evidence.The new


Yet more evidence.

The new ABCNews/Washington Post poll out this evening has Kerry over Bush 48% to 44% among registered voters (for a discussion of the possible significance of ‘registered voters’ see this post from a bit ago.)

Ralph Nader is pulling 3%. And lest we be tempted to depart from the friggin’ obvious, the Post poll confirms that “Nader is drawing essentially all of his support from Kerry.”

In a two way race Kerry beats Bush by 9%.

Another interesting data point: “A majority of Americans — 57 percent — say they want their next president to steer the country away from the course set by Bush.”

So perhaps Kerry can get past the finish line first even carrying this lanky egomaniac on his back.

The poll does show that the president is getting down near his solid base of support while a substantial minority of Kerry’s present supporters still don’t know that much about him. That only underscores the importance of Kerry’s defining himself now before the Republican slime machine — which is already appealing to the wingnut, Manchurian Candidate Kerry’s-a-communist constituency — does it for him.