One thing that is


One thing that is now apparently part of the modern presidential campaign is the laying-on-of-hands photo montage — the key being visuals of the metaphorical handing off of the political torch and ethereal transmission of politico-cultural Mojo.

I guess Clinton got this started off with those pictures of himself at the Boys Nation ceremony with President Kennedy back in something like 1963. And I think there was some of this with President Bush too, though I can’t remember who the luminaries were.

But Kerry’s got both of these characters put to shame.

On one of the floors of the Fleet Center — the third or fourth, I think — there’s a small gallery of Kerry photos. And if you make the rounds of them you see that there’s a laying-on-of-hands image for almost every slice of the Democratic soul.

Of course, there’s Kerry with Jack Kennedy. But Kerry was actually a hip dude. So, for instance, there’s a young Kerry with John Lennon. And then Kerry with Coretta Scott King. And, actually, in a highly literary flourish, there’s even John Kerry with Arthur Miller of all people.

(A friend of mine pointed out that there’s even a double-layered Marilyn Monroe subtext in that one.)

I’m going to head back later for further analysis.