The latest numbers from


The latest numbers from ARG

John Kerry and George W. Bush remain tied nationally. Among all voters in a survey conducted August 30-September 1, Kerry is at 48% and Bush is at 46%. Among likely voters, Bush is at 48% and Kerry is at 47%.

With Ralph Nader in the race, it is Kerry 46%, Bush 45%, and Nader 3% among all voters and Bush 47%, Kerry 47%, and Nader 3% among likely voters.

Kerry has lost support among Independents <$NoAd$>in the past month.

Among all Americans, 48% disapprove of the way Bush is handling his job and 45% approve. When it comes to handling the economy, 51% of all Americans disapprove and 43% approve.

Again, as I said before, Kerry has lost ground — as ARG notes, among independents, which is the only fluid part of the electorate this year. But you can’t really say he’s out of it as he’s not even clearly behind.