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TPM Reader JH on Frist (and speaking <$NoAd$> sentiments we share) …

Rove & Co. are well aware Frist wants to be Pres. So they tell him they won’t support him unless he’s their dog. Of course it’s likely an elaborate double cross, to simultaneously show him up as a weakling, so that by 2008 he’s an even bigger joke than he is now.

Then there’s TPM Reader RK

Hasn’t it been obvious since the White House “helped” Lott out? They wanted someone who would do their bidding, and Frist has been their boy since way back.

And, not that you asked, but: an interesting parlor conversation would discuss who is a bigger wh–e: Frist or McCain? For my money, McCain wins by a mile – Frist has no pretense of being his own man, whereas McCain ran as a pseudo-anti-Bush in 2000, etc.

I sigh and hope this couldn’t be true about Sen. McCain. Alas …