Oh boy. Thats not


Oh boy. That’s not a good development for Jack Abramoff.

According to an article just posted in the Sun-Sentinal, Adam Kidan looks set to flip and testify against Abramoff in SunCruz case down in Florida.

A “change of plea” hearing has been set for December 15th.

Here’s something I don’t quite get though. As we’ve noted many times before, there’s at least some very suggestive evidence that Kidan played a role in the death of Gus Boulis, the guy he and Jack bought SunCruz from.

Even that is a bit generous: Kidan was in a feud with Boulis that had already led to one physical altercation between the two men. Then or around that time Kidan, who has a history of mafia associations, puts three known mobsters on the SunCruz payroll, hiring them as either caterers or ‘security consultants’ or both. Then those three guys mow Boulis down in a gangland style hit.

You know, call me suspicious.

Anyway, here are the last few grafs of the aformentioned Sun-Sentinel piece …

Soon after receiving the loan agreement, Foothill and Citadel released $60 million to Kidan and Abramoff’s company. But Boulis maintained that he never saw a penny and the relationship with Kidan, who took over the day-to-day operations of SunCruz, quickly soured. Lawsuits and counter-lawsuits were filed and threats were reportedly made.

By November 2000, Kidan had contacted an old friend, Anthony “Big Tony” Moscatiello. Moscatiello had signed a contract with SunCruz to be a “catering consultant” at $25,000 a month, according to court records. Kidan said he thought Boulis was going to kill him, according to statements Moscatiello gave police. Moscatiello, a known associate of the late crime boss John Gotti, promised to smooth things over.

Moscatiello put Kidan in touch with Anthony “Little Tony” Ferrari, who ran “Moon Over Miami Beach,” a company that, among other things, is described in records as a security firm. One of the men who worked for Ferrari was James “Pudgy” Fiorillo. In September, Moscatiello, Ferrari and Fiorillo were indicted in Boulis’ murder. Kidan has not been charged in the case.

After being arrested, Moscatiello told detectives that Fiorillo traveled to his Queens home two weeks after the murder and confided that Kidan reportedly told Ferrari to kill Boulis, according to court records. Moscatiello said Fiorillo also indicated that he and Ferrari carried out the hit, the documents show. Moscatiello told detectives, “I told Adam what had happened, what I was told and he told me he never made no phone call and after Tony Ferrari told me it was a lie, I never discussed it anymore with Adam.”

So Moscatiello comes in to “smooth things over” and somehow Boulis ends up dead. And one of the killers directly implicates Kidan. But in the lede, the article says that Kidan will also agree to testify against Moscatiello, Fiorillo and Ferrari, while he isn’t charged with anything related to Boulis’ murder.

Now, I’m sure Kidan’s more than happy to testify against those dudes. But it seems to me that given the associations, context and movements of money, it would be awfully hard to see where these three whacked Boulis without also believing that Kidan wasn’t part of it. Or, for that matter, Jack Abramoff, who was Kidan’s partner in SunCruz.

Both guys happened to be out of the country when Boulis was iced.

Is it really possible that they pass on charging Kidan for a killing if he was the guy who ordered the hit? Or is the theory of the case that Kidan just wanted these three gents to sit down with Gus and have a talk and things got out of hand?

I know plea bargains and the logic of indictments can lead to some odd choices. But I really can’t wait to see how they fit these pieces together.