One factoid and one


One factoid and one question on the Cheney shootout.

I asked earlier how big an outfit the Kenedy County Sheriff’s Department is and how thorough their investigation was, if there was one.

Turns out it’s a pretty big outfit, at least relative to population. There are 414 residents of Kenedy County. And according to the local paper, there are 11 people on the Sheriff’s Department staff.

Now, on to another matter. All of the speculation here centers on what actually happened when this accident took place. Were they really 30 yards apart, were there obvious signs of negligence, etc.

Cheney, Armstrong and even Whittington are all interested parties. But as TPM Reader JS notes there’s another source of information.

Secret Service personnel were, or should have been, with Cheney when this all happened. There must be an incident report about what happened. It should be fairly detailed. And it could clear up a lot of questions. Will the White House release the report?