Okay I know we


Okay, I know we can’t talk about this bozo Howard Kaloogian forever. But this is just too good to pass up.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a piece about about Kaloogian’s bamboozle. And it includes his latest excuse …

The candidate said he hadn’t recognized the error because “the military asked us to use our discretion and put things on the Internet that were nondescriptive … (because) if we posted something that was easily identifiable, it could be a target.”

In other words, it’s the Army’s fault. Or maybe the Marines. Who knows?

Maybe someone can help me even with the logic here. The military told us to use non-descriptive stuff. So we ended up putting up a picture from Istanbul. Believe me, I’m not trying to be dense. But I’m not even sure this new bamboozlement stands up on its own terms. I guess maybe they’re saying that they looked for something so generic and non-descript that they didn’t even recognize it. And that led them to posting a picture from a different country. Sounds like exactly the kind of doofus you want in Congress, right?

And, so if Kaloogian is walking down the street in Baghdad and snaps a few pics, the U.S. military doesn’t want those man-on-the-street photos on the web because terrorists might use them for targeting? I really doubt insurgents are using this joker’s website for targeting information.

They might not want him posting pictures of military installations and secure zones — which seem to be the only places Kaloogian set foot. That makes sense. But obviously that’s completely different from on the street snaps.

Let’s face it. This guy’s awash in a sea of his own bamboozles. He’s fallen and he can’t get up.