I dont know if


I don’t know if the Democrats are going to win back the House this year. And I’d really caution people against falling under the false assumption that anything is in the bag at this point. But I am starting to become cautiously optimistic that Joe Donnelly (D-IN) is just a few weeks away from sending Rep. Chris “the Count” Chocola (R-IN) packing. And that would end the one man reign of evil Chocola has brought to the House of Representatives since 2002.

You may think ‘evil’ is too strong a word. But a lot of conservatives bewail the fact that in modern secular society we are too cautious about using terms like ‘good’ and ‘evil’. So I figure Chocola is as good a candidate as any. See his record of Social Security bamboozlement here.

On our IN-2 page we’ve now got eight polls going back to July 18. Two of those are sponsored by Dems, one by Republicans. But of those eight, Chocola has been behind every time, though three times within the margin of error. Four of those polls are from the last eight days.

Constituent Dynamics out today has the Count down by 4 points. A GOP poll out yesterday has him down by 1%. A Dem poll has him down 16 points. And a Zogby poll from October 4th has him down 10 points. Of all the independent polls, the closest is the one out today that has him down 4 points. The others have him at a 10, 10, 8, 8 and 5 point deficit.

If you’re in Indiana’s 2nd district, drop us a line and let us know how it looks to you on the ground.