Lets have a little


Let’s have a little fun.

Anyone remember this? Let’s go back to 1996 and a March 13th AP article on the passage of a new anti-crime and anti-terrorism bill.

Here’s one choice passage …

Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, seemed incensed at the prevailing mood on the House floor. “I heard a dear friend of mine, a great Republican, say, ‘I trust Hamas more than I trust my own government,’ Hyde said in a reference to the terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for the recent wave of suicide bombings in Israel.

He did not identify the other lawmaker by name.

Trusts Hamas more than the US government. A Republican member of Congress. Who could that be?

Any guesses? He’s still in Congress. And his race is on the DCCC’s Red to Blue list.