Oh now its personal.


Oh, now it’s personal. GOP attacks Dem challenger in Wyoming for being from New York.

Update: TPM Reader ZL spells it out:

The first I thought when I watched the anti-Trauner ad, where he’s attacked for being from New York, was: “Is he Jewish?”

Yep. He is.

Surprise, surprise. After the anti-Ford ad in Tennessee, we get a classic bit of anti-Semitism (“New Yorker,” nudge nudge wink wink) in Wyoming.

I’m not sure if you were implying this in your comment, but you might want to make it explicit for those who aren’t so familiar with the traditional New York/Jewish anti-Semitic code-word.

And TPM Reader MS:

When a campaign starts criticizing an opponent’s “New York values” anywhere west or south of the Delaware River, it’s a dogwhistle call to point out to voters that he’s Jewish.