As you know the


As you know, the Justice Department is now investigating whether former DOJ employee Monica Goodling broke the law by screening DOJ job applicants for party affiliation. Let’s not forget that two weeks ago TPMmuckraker’s Paul Kiel ran an article on Bradley Schlozman in which a former DOJ employee said on the record that Schlozman had asked him a potential job applicants party affiliation before deciding whether to grant him an interview. That sounds like pretty much exactly the same thing.

Schlozman, remember, is a former top official at the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division who served as the Patriot Act-appointed US Attorney from Kansas City until last month when he returned to Main Justice to work at the Executive Office of US Attorneys.

Investigating Schlozman won’t shortcircuit a congressional grant of immunity to compel testimony (little inside Purge coverage humor there) but maybe he should be investigated too?