As was no doubt


As was no doubt intended, some of the conversation and controversy over the Libby commutation (perhaps it would be more euphonious to just say the Libby get-out-of-jail-free card) was overtaken by the July 4th celebrations. So for today’s episode of TPMtv we went back and found some of the choicer moments of right-wing praise-the-lording over President Bush’s decision to save Scooter from the slammer.

My favorite moment actually comes at about 50 seconds in where CNN’s Candy Crowley explains that this was the president splitting the difference and how no one on either side was really satisfied with the decision.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy on this. But between us, among insiders it’s well known that Crowley’s on-air commentary is controlled by a subcutaneous implant which receives radio waves from a type script to brain wave conversion device located in Karl Rove’s top left hand desk drawer.