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Wis. GOP Recall Candidate: 'I Don't Smoke Rocks, And That's The Truth'


Later in the interview, VanderLeest alleged that he had been mistreated by the police, due to he and his family having opposed police salary increases in local referenda.

"As far as my past, you know what, I lived it. I've been there. I know which -- these accusations that were made, I know they're not true," he said. "You know, like I said, yesterday I got a report from social services that says I smoke crack. I mean, that's just not the case, it's not true.

"You know, as far as my past goes, you know, I had a bad marriage, and my family voted against police raises above the standard of living for 30 years in Green Bay. You know, cuffs were put on me. When I asked if I could make a statement, I was always told, 'You give your statement to the judge, we don't care what you have to say.' You know, that's not how the system should work, and you weren't there, and you didn't live it.

"You know, I sleep well at night, and that's the reality of the situation."