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Wis. GOP Leader Scott Fitzgerald: 'Are Our Recall Statutes Legit?'


Later in the press conference, Fitzgerald was asked what he would like to see changed about the recall process, and whether he had anything specific in mind.

"Yeah, I mean, I've always been a believer that recall probably would be more appropriate if a legislator was involved in some type of, you know, either criminal activity, or something that could be deemed, you know, unethical," said Fitzgerald. "Not related to simply taking a stance on a tough vote. And you know, I think there's other legislators that feel that way as well."

For what it's worth, Hintz cannot be recalled at this juncture even if a suitable number of his constituents wanted to do so. The state's recall law requires that an elected official be at least one year into their term -- thus limiting the number of recall-eligible state senators to the half of the chamber that was last elected in 2008, and also preventing any efforts to immediately recall the newly-elected Walker himself. While a member of the state Assembly theoretically could be recalled after one year, the fact that their terms are only two years, and thus a recall would take place in the year they are up for election anyway, would render such an exercise somewhat pointless.

The full audio can be found here. Fitzgerald's first discussion of the recall statute comes at about the 3:20 mark, and the second exchange at the 8:10 mark.