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White House Releases Names Of Some Visitors From Last Nine Months


Earlier this year in a compromise move the White House agreed to start collecting for public consumption the names of all the visitors to come through the gates at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

They are the first administration in history to do so, and the decision was hailed by open government groups as a step forward, though some wanted clarification for who would determine which visitors names would be kept secret under the limited exceptions clause the White House left in place for security concerns.

The new policy went into effect on Sept. 15 and will only apply to visitors from that time forward. The logs will be released every 90 days, with the first ones expected around New Year's Eve. This new document release is in response to Freedom of Information Act requests from news and ethics organizations.

The Washington Times this week reported on political donors getting special access to the White House grounds and the president. In a response, press staff reminded reporters that Obama has made the White House "the people's house" by inviting regular Americans to visit after his inauguration and for the Easter Egg Roll.

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