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White House Disputes Report That Boehner-Obama Debt Deal Still On Table


"White House officials said this week that the offer is still on the table," the Post reported.

At a Tuesday background briefing for reporters, a senior administration official, who would not agree to be named or quoted, took issue with that and other details in the piece.

There's a sense in which both the Post and the White House might actually be in agreement. The Post doesn't specify what their unnamed source meant by "the offer." As the senior official noted in Tuesday's briefing at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building many of the issues Obama and Boehner tried to tackle were addressed by the discretionary spending caps in the debt limit deal. A renewed push for a grand bargain would have to reflect that.

As the same senior administration official told me earlier this month, the White House could support a broad deficit reduction bill if Republicans in Congress would yield on revenues. But they see no evidence that the GOP's position has changed.

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